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Childhood revisited

Tonight’s picture is of my glove. This specific glove is my Dad’s glove. I borrowed it for this year because it’s bigger than mine, which makes it easier to catch a softball. That can help us win games!

We had 2 softball games tonight and won them both. It was a lot of fun. After our games, when I got home, I sat and reminisced about the meaning of baseball for me. When I was a little kid, I played or watched baseball with my dad, friends, or neighbors most days when I was a kid. I loved the game, and everything about it. The sound of a thrown ball hitting my glove perfectly, the crack of the ball off the bat, the smell of freshly cut grass, and the design of the field. I still love baseball more than any sport.

I spent some time reminiscing this, and went up to a friend’s place to watch the end of the Dodgers-Padres opening night game, and I’m so excited for the Red Sox opening day tomorrow! For these reasons, my glove, well my Dad’s glove, tops the list of my happy things tonight.


Day 23- A day of Knightly growth.

I had a very good and introspective day. The biggest and most important piece of it was my adventure out to Quincy for a Knights of Columbus event. I went from being a 1st degree Knight to being a 3rd degree Knight in one afternoon! As expected, I was there for most of the afternoon, and spent the entire time with our Grand Knight, Sua. We spent the time before the ceremony wandering around Quincy and stopping at a diner for a little coffee(none for me though, I don’t drink coffee).

Throughout the whole time there, we were discussing the direction we want the Knights to take, what we want out of our schooling, and what we believe God has in store for us. It was very refreshing to spend that time with a friend I’ve not seen in a while, and to have those sorts of thoughtful conversations about the future and God’s design.

The pictures shown are one of the diner we stopped at, which was a small but really nice diner with good looking and smelling food, and a medal from the Knights. I am sworn to secrecy in the Knights, so I can’t tell you what happened in the ceremonies that were held, what we discussed there, or meaning attached to any of our symbols by the order.

What I can say is that I have been thinking more about my relationship with God because of my time with Sua and growth in the Knights. I took steps today to raise my rank in the Knights today. What does that mean for me in my life for the future? I have to work on that answer, but I’m so happy that I am at least thinking about it all now.



Capstone and Politics

Today was a glorious day in Boston! The sun shone, a good breeze came through, and the temperature went over 50! That’s a huge milestone here. With all the beauties of the day, there also came a new beginning for my college career, Capstone begins!

Capstone is a big group project that we have in CGS, for which we have to write a 50 page paper on a topic of out choosing. Our topic:Why Boston should make it easier for bikes to be in the city, like how Amsterdam has. It’ll be an interesting topic and paper.

As out meeting closed down, I ended up having a political discussion with one of my teammates, Caroline. She is also a political science major and from CT. She knows her history and her political news. It is extremely impressive. And it lends itself to some fantastic discussions.

It made my day that I had that kind of a conversation! It was refreshing that I could have one with an intelligent person, and have us not come to blows. And the other people around us did not know much of what we were saying. It was a lot of fun to confuse people that way.

I’ll have many more conversations like that with her over Capstone. This is gonna be a good time.


Happy birthday Travis!

Today was a very good day for me. I had my last CGS exam, woke up early for Mass, get a little break before Capstone, and have some direction for the final paper I have for my writing class. All very good things! But there is one thing that tops these.

Today is my brother Travis’ birthday. He turned 24 years old today! I got a chance to call and talk to him today. I wished him a happy birthday and got to talking with him about school stuff for both of us. It turned into plotting a course for the vigilante paper that I’m writing, and general philosophy.

This is how most of our conversations go. We catch up, we discuss the goings on in our lives, and we jump right into the thoughts of our friends, the philosophers. As similar as we are, and as consistent as the format of our conversations are, we are different in some key ways. He is much smarter than me, and much more thoughtful. He was a classics major in college and is now in a Masters program for Greek and Latin. He knows his philosophers extremely well. I appreciate our differences and always learn something new when talking with him.

Today’s time talking with him is another in a long list of reminders about my relationship with my brother, and how grateful I am that he’s in my life.


Finals. Yay!(not really)

I’m in the middle of finals week! My school has a different schedule for finals in my sophomore year. To good side of it is I get out of school early, which is pretty sweet. The bad side is I get lots of work right now! As soon as exams are over, I jump into Capstone, which is a group project where we have to produce a 50 page paper. No challenge there!

At least I’m done with my year and with CGS pretty early this year! I’ve struggled in CGS and I’ve not enjoyed it as much as I thought I would. So there is some regret there but oh well. There’s not much that can be done about it now.

I’m happy that it’s ending soon, but sad that this class is ending. I’m a big fan of the American Foreign Policy class that I have my exam for tomorrow. My professor for that class, Professor Tilchin, is a man I could sit and listen to and have a conversation with for hours and hours on end. Reaching the exam for this course especially is a bit bittersweet. I love the class, but I’m ready to move on from CGS. It’s time for me to go.

So my final prep for my exams makes me both happy that school is ending, but also happy about the fun I had in CGS.


Definition of a boss: Wesley Oliver Woods

Gracing my blog tonight is the one, the only, the man, the myth, the legend- Wesley Woods! He is one of the missionaries with FOCUS at BU.

He is a tremendous friend for me at BU. He and I joke around about a lot, and our conversations are always fun. And he knows how to bring out a smile in everyone he encounters with his ability to poke fun at people, mostly himself and his glorious Fu Manchu.

The drawing in one picture here is a rendering of Wes’ likeness with a few of his most popular sayings. All of these sayings are accurate, even according to Wes.

The best part of knowing Wes is knowing his love of God. He is able to bring out a desire to know God better for everyone, and it is inspiring to know him. He’s helped me develop an appreciation for God and my relationship with Him in my time at BU this semester. And I’m certainly not the only person at BU who believes this. He has done this for so many people in our community. I believe that Wes could convert someone to Catholicism by telling that person just that he is Catholic, and he wouldn’t have to say another word about it. He’d demonstrate that Catholicism is powerful just in his happiness and energy. He tops my list tonight for those reasons.



A need of Grace and Prayer

The picture on the blog tonight is the ring I wear. No it’s not a wedding or engagement ring. It’s a rosary ring. It’s a ring version of the rosary beads that people often see Catholics wear. It’s a beautifully simple way of identifying yourself as a Catholic and it’s a powerful reminder of what it means to me to be a Catholic.

After my class at 10 and my exam at 1, I went over to St. Francis Chapel at the Prudential Center for some confession and prayer. Both were needed today.

I said this in an earlier post, but it’s so true- Confession is the freest feeling one can ever attain. It is the lifting of the weight of your sins off your shoulders by God.
I still needed to do a penance after confession, and that’s where I was reminded of my need of prayer. I’ve been drifting away from consistent prayer, even though I wear an reminder of my need for prayer everyday on my hand. It’s a lesson I need to learn over and over again.

I prayed a Rosary after my Confession. Every Hail Mary and Our Father in the Rosary opened my eyes up more. It literally felt like my eyes were being cleared when I was saying my penance, and it was so beautiful to feel that.

I was reminded of how important and beautiful praying and letting God in is. And I’m very happy that I was reminded of it today. Thanks God!


A night in the field.

It’s time for my finals! I’m on an unusual schedule, and have 3 finals this week. So I needed a break from studying! I play intramural sports at BU and love it. I captain a basketball team and play on a softball team. And both teams had a game tonight.

We got killed in the basketball game, and lost by 30 points. It was fun to get to play, but it hurts to lose. I also almost fouled out, and did not score a basket. I had a terrible game. So for those reasons, there is no picture of that game. It hurts too much.

I played in the softball game after that, and it went much better. I went 1-1 with a walk and a single, and no errors in the field. And we won the game 2-1. We had a few close calls where we almost lost, but we pulled the game out and won our first game of the season.

The pictures in the post are of our softball captain, Ben Castro, and the beautiful Bobby LeBlanc, the intern at the BUCC, and our best athlete. Ben played well in the field, and led us to victory. Bobby got a base hit on this swing. And was a big part in out win. He always makes our games a lot more fun and everyone loves Bobby! So for those reasons, these fine men grace my blog tonight.

Sports are fun and they teach us a lot. They teach us how to deal with a hard loss, how to keep positive, and how to tough it out to win. I had to do all of those in my games today. It was worth it. It was a lot if fun.



The hope and joy of my friends

My relationship with my friends and the hope that those give me tops my list today. I have two different stories that illustrate the hope I have because of them, and the joy they bring.

First the hope. A few weeks ago, before going on retreat, I got to meet a guy named Josh. He is a guy from outside Boston who fell on hard times and went through the foster care system and now is unfortunately homeless. When I first met him, he had no real prospects for a job, had lost his id and was living literally under a bridge. I gave him some money and got to talking with him about what he wanted to do to get out of the mess he was in. I walked away from the first encounter happy for him and praying for him.

Today I saw him again, and got to talking with him about his situation. He is living at a friend’s house now, so he is not living under a bridge now. And he’s looking to get a construction job when it gets consistently nice outside! It made me so happy to see him and see that he was doing a lot better now. It gives me hope for his future. And hope for all people, that if he can keep positive in his situation, anyone and everyone can do well in their situation. If anyone reading this post is around the Prudential Center and sees him, please help him out with a meal or money or even just a hug or a prayer. He’s a good man. And he deserves and needs all the help he can get.

The second story is a story of joy from my BU friends. My dear friend Megan is celebrating her birthday in 2 days. When she got off work tonight, a large group of us went over to the restaurant she works at to surprise her, give her flowers and cupcakes and sing happy birthday to her. Megan makes literally everyone happy around her. We thought it would be a good idea to do a little something for her in return. We were right. I had no part in planning it. I was just along for the ride and happy I got to be a part of it.

I love the people I know. They all give me a lot of hope and joy. Regardless of their situations, they all have so much good in their lives. It makes it hard to complain about life. It’s so much fun having them all in my life, which is why they top my list of happiness tonight.20140322-232808.jpg


Retreat Reunion

Earlier this year I got to work on a retreat offered by the BU Catholic Center. I was the skits producer on the retreat. I had so much fun working on it and getting to share the story of Jesus Christ in the way we told it on retreat.

The other fun thing we did was working with the other members of our team to put on the retreat. Since the retreat ended, we unfortunately have not been able to hang out just as a group of only us six. Our schedules are absurdly busy for many different reasons. We decided to set aside tonight to get together. We met at Ben’s apartment(Ben is a senior who was one if the directors of the retreat). Ben was kind enough to cook dinner for us! Salmon with rice-a-roni, broccoli, and roasted potatoes. It was delicious.

And the best part was the story sharing. We heard funny senior stories from the seniors in the group, made good jokes, had a pity party for each other regarding our Lenten sacrifices, played cards, and relived the fun we had working on retreat. It is a gregarious and fun crowd. And I love them all dearly. I’m happy that they’re all my friends.