Day 2

Today was my first day at home in months. And I loved every second of it. Partly, I loved getting to sleep in until about 10:30. Partly I loved the home cooking and getting to relax at home without a paper or exam to work on. I also got to go to Mass today, which if I had gotten a picture of it would probably have been my picture and post for the day.

But I could not get one. So topping the list today is time spent with family. I have not seen them for a while, and I only get to see my brother for today and tomorrow. So I had a very fun day getting to see him and be with the whole family.

It was a typical Lynch family Saturday. Sleeping in, light breakfast reading the paper, talking baseball amongst the menfolk, nice lunch with the whole family, me playing my dad in pool(and losing but let’s not talk about that) while flipping between the UConn basketball, BU basketball, and Bruins games. We’re professional sports fans, if you can believe it. The day ended with Mass, a great dinner at the Wampanoag Country Club, at which the Democrats were mocked relentlessly, college stories from all were shared, and we ate like kings. I’d say this was a great day!

The picture taken of us playing a card game called Sequence at home after dinner. Random side note, I’m basically wearing a red version of my Dad’s shirt, and my Brother is wearing a black version of my Dad’s shirt. Yes, we take after our dad.

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