Walks, sports, and politics.

Today was the last day I’ll see my brother for a while, so that was unfortunate. But before he left, there was a necessary family tradition for us to partake in. The men in my family are big fans of going out and exploring. West Hartford has a wide array of walking paths around the reservoir that are great for walking and getting exercise in. So for some free time, we went to the reservoir for a nice walk.

When we go for these walks, it always ends up in conversation about something fascinating to all of us. Anything ranging from political discussions to sports talk, to language stuff(grammar or the sounds of words and whatnot). I typically carry the sports and sports politics discussions, my brother carries the Greek and Latin language and philosophy discussions, and my dad carries basically all the rest. He is the smartest person in the family, and the smarted person I have ever met. I learn so much on these walks.

In addition, I learn what real diversity is here. As similar as the three of us are, we all have a true diversity of opinions on almost every topic. We are all political conservatives, Red Sox fans, and Catholics. But we all have different takes and interpretations of what it means to is to have those stances. Do listen to us speak is to hear 3 different takes that eventually get to a conclusion. It is a beautiful thing to watch and be a part of. It tops my list of things that make me happy today.

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