A day of relaxation, baseball, and reflection.

This spring break has been very good to me. I’ve been relaxing at home, and not had to stress much. I slept in again today, and got to enjoy a day at home with just my mom. However, my mom took a day to relax herself and read in her room for most of the day. So most of the day I was on my own for the day. Which was what I needed.

The picture you see as the header in this post is a picture of my lunch, a grilled cheese with pepperoni, an orange, and raspberry lemonade. On the television, if you can’t tell, is the Red Sox spring training game. It is only a spring training game, but it is still baseball. And it is still Red Sox baseball.

I grew up on baseball. I grew up watching the Red Sox every single day during the season for every season since 2003. I am very happy that the Sox are playing again and will be raising their third World Series banner in my life time this April.

The more important thing that came from watching the Sox today was a sense of appreciation for what I have. After the game was over, I got up and took a walk around my neighborhood. And the silence of my neighborhood hit me immediately. It was calm, quiet, and relaxing to hear that and feel that. It’s a dramatic change of scenery from Boston. My house is shown below.

Being home has given me a good chance to reflect on how the year has been good to me and to think about how good my life is now. I’ve come to appreciate what I have more, everything from school to baseball.

I’ve come to realize what a beautiful ride life is. Its a bit like baseball. You need to be patient, wait for your opportunity to swing, and make the most out of the chances you get. Sometimes you’ll score a lot, and sometimes you’ll be cold. Just do the best you can with what you have. And there’s no point in complaining. It’s too beautiful a game to complain about, and there’s too much good in life to complain.


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