Day 5: Conversations with my mom

Another wonderful thing I don’t get being at college is seeing and talking with my mom about anything and everything. I got that with her today. After oversleeping, and seeing that a new microwave had been installed. That was nice. I also saw that our roof was leaking. Sweet!(but not really).

My dad works full time, so he is out at the office every day if he’s not on a business trip. Mom works part time and works from home, so when I am home, I see my mom much more than I do my dad, and I treasure the time with her.

I helped Mom out with little jobs throughout the day. In particular, I helped shovel out a path in the snow for our bird feeder, and after that, helped helped shovel out the patio. When I was done, mom and I were outside and sat on the chairs in the warm sunlight. While sitting, mom told me about the good news about my brother, that he became a TA and will have his tuition paid for because of that position. We turned that into a conversation about potential career paths, then to writing tips for me, then to political stuff, then to personal views and paths, then to reminiscing on old stories.

Conversations with my mom, as with my dad and brother, are wide ranging and comprehensive. And it is a perspective that I don’t normally hear. My family is male dominated. There are few female voices that I can hear in my family, and I treasure my mom’s words of advice whenever I hear them. She is always up for a good discussion about anything, from her stories of when she was pregnant with me, to law school stories, to work earlier that day. It is wonderful to hear her perspective on things. She speaks so well and carries herself so elegantly. If I ever do have a daughter, I want her to grow up and be like my mom. (Yes, guys do think about what they want their kids to be like too.) Having those conversations with my mom was the best part of today.

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