A night out at the movies

I’m happier than a lot of nights tonight. The reason why? I went out to see a movie! It’s a favorite past time in my family. We always enjoy going to Blue Back Square for a night out. We started with dinner at Moe’s, a popular Mexican restaurant in Blue Back. We especially enjoy when the good people there all yell, “Welcome to Moe’s!”

After that, we went over to see our movie. Tonight we went to see Peabody and Sherman, an animated movie based off a television series from my parent’s childhoods. I’m sure they were nostalgic watching the film. And if their entertainment was that good, I would be too. I didn’t watch it with nostalgia, I just enjoyed the great entertainment and struggled through all the puns in the movie.

There are two things I’m thinking about after seeing tonight’s movie. First is the quality of entertainment of movies today vs old entertainment. Peabody and Sherman was gripping, funny, teaches stories in history, and leaves you smiling. It was that way in the old days when my parents watched it as a television show. This is not my normal experience with books, movies, or tv shows today. And I can’t understand why more films like this aren’t made. There is enough material to make those films, and enough interest. It is troublesome that there are so many mindlessly violent movies made today. There really ought be more movies like the one I saw tonight.

The other thing I’m thinking about is the emotions that ought be elicited by seeing a movie. Movies remind me to keep a child like sense of awe and imagination. To not become cold and hardened. How is it possible to live that way? How cold and hard it has to be living that sort of life. I appreciate the need to be grounded in reality, but that does not mean a sense of childhood innocence and joy has to fall by the wayside. I think that sense of joy is needed to live a happy and healthy life. And seeing a movie is a great way to remind you of it.

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