Billiards and Basketball

A favorite past time for me and my dad is pool on our table with a game on in the background, especially when we get to tournament season in college basketball. There are a lot of high quality basketball games this time of year, and we always enjoy playing pool.

On tap for us tonight was a game between UConn and Cincinnati. Those are two of the marquis teams in the new American Athletic Conference, formed after the old Big East fell apart after last year.

Our usual cup of tea at this time of year used to be the Big East Tournament. My mom went to Georgetown for undergrad and UConn for a masters. So when the Big East tournament was on in years past, we were all tuned in. It was the best basketball, best players, and was in the most glamorous arena, Madison Square Garden in New York. I went to this tournament twice. It was so much fun both times, especially when Georgetown beat the hated Syracuse Orangeman.

But last year was the last year of the Big East. The conference collapsed with a lot of teams leaving and going to other conferences. Several teams, including UConn, my favorite team in college hoops after BU, stayed in the old Big East, which is now called the American Athletic Conference. Georgetown, along with a group of other Catholic colleges, formed a new Big East conference. I can’t view it the same way anymore. It’s not UConn and Georgetown playing Syracuse or Pitt. Those schools have all gone their own way. And I miss those games.

UConn and Cincinnati are former Big East teams, and they both play strong defensive basketball, so this is about as close as I’m gonna get. Watching this game is bringing back good memories. And playing pool with my dad is always fun. I won last night, and he beat me tonight. It is balanced now. We probably will play again tomorrow before I head back to school on Sunday. I had better win!



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