Politics in the bookstore.

Today was my last day at home before returning to Boston. So what did I do with my day? Well I went for a drive with my dad, went out for a nice walk around the town reservoir on what was an absolutely glorious spring day in New England. It was a day that made me happy to be alive. And I didn’t crash the car so I could stay alive for it!

I went to Mass and dinner with my family after that at our favorite Italian restaurant, Rizzuto’s. After that, we went and spent some time in one if my favorite places, Barnes and Noble. I’m a big fan if books of all sorts. They are the universal sign of knowledge, a great thing to give as a gift, and a way to learn more or be entertained (preferably both!) My grandpa was a publisher for all his working life when he wasn’t in the military. And in his house still there is a book in almost every room. My dad got his love of books and learning from him and passed it on to me and my brother.

My favorite sections in the bookstore are (if you can believe it) are the sports, history, and politics sections. I’m always intrigued about learning more history and more cool stories to tell to people. And I feel like those are the sections with the stories I’m most interested in.

While we were out on a walk in the reservoir, my dad told me about a book called “Why Nations Fail” which is a political science book about the institutional argument within comparative politics. We agreed that we’d find me a copy of that book. Dad then began to explain his theory of political theory that centers around the two major arguments in modern politics, freedom and equality. He has been thinking of writing a book on that topic. And after he basically told me two chapters of his book, I’m convinced he’s going to write it and it’s gonna be in Barnes and Noble someday. I’m very excited for that day. It will be very fitting for my dad to have his book published. I did find the Why Nations Fail book and have enjoyed reading it so far. I hope it continues to teach me new things.


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