Out for dinner in Boston

Today was my first day in back in Boston after spring break. And this is my last week of classes for 3 of my classes. I had a good day, but the highlight of my day was tonight. My dad has a conference in Boston this week, and my mom is in Boston with him. They offered to go to a nice steakhouse on Boylston Street, Abe and Louis, which I highly recommend! It is a high quality place with great food and good atmosphere. Prices are a little high, but if you’re up for a high quality dinner, I’d recommend it.

The funniest point of the night was when I got there. I was early, and told the people at the table I had a reservation for 3 people at 6. The people at the welcome booth told me my table was up stairs and they offered to set me up at the bar with a drink while I waited for my party. Unfortunately, I had to tell them I’m only 19, and could not sit at the bar. They look very surprised. They showed me to my table, and the lady who showed me there explained that I was dressed pretty nice, hadn’t shaved in a bit, and have a deep voice, which makes me seem to be a little older than 19. I was flattered when I heard that. I like knowing that people think I’m older than I am. I take it as a compliment on my maturity. It was a good day for me. I got a great steak dinner, great day with my family, and people thought I was over 21. It was really sweet knowing that!

The two pictures are the front of the restaurant and the view I have of the Boston skyline from the T stop between Warren Towers and BU’s College of Arts and Sciences on Commonwealth Avenue. It’s just a cool picture. Enjoy!



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