Fellowship in Food, Scripture, and The Spirit. Yay God!

It’s a Tuesday night. Which for me means a lot of holiness! After classes end, I always go over to the Catholic Center, on 211 Bay State Road, and do work there for an hour or so. After that, I go down stairs for pasta supper, which we do every Tuesday night. It’s high quality pasta, courtesy of the team of Louis Vitti, Connor Sheehan, and Mike Enwright, and it’s free! Plus I get great company out of the deal. It’s a lot of fun.

Then we have Spirit Night Live, which is a weekly gathering of the BUCC to learn about a pertinent topic in our faith. Tonight’s topic was the New Evangelization, which is something the Church has been calling for it’s members to do since the 2nd Vatican Council. It has been discussed and used since Pope John Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI, but has been more discussed and more prevalent in the Church with Pope Francis. Tonight was the first in a series on it, so stay tuned to hear more! And better yet, come to the next Spirit Night Live!

And the last piece of the night, which I have a picture of, was our Bible Study. I’ve been in this Bible Study since last fall, and have loved it. It is led by Wesley Woods, one of our fantastic missionaries from FOCUS. And we cover lots of different topics in this study. Tonight we were focusing on the scriptural basis for having a Pope. That is scripture that every Catholic should know and understand. It is critical to know why we have a Pope and the leadership structure that we have. And it is important to take lessons from everywhere they can be learned about God. Whenever I come to the Catholic Center at BU, I always learn something new and grow in my faith here. For those reasons, being a member of the Catholic Church and the BUCC tops my list of happy things tonight.


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