A night on the town

I have a fun group of friends at college. We’re basically a family now. Or as we like to say, our famiry. After a day of no class, but still a good amount of work (I have a paper and presentation on Friday, and 3 exams next week) I went out on the town with famiry. We all got dressed up real nicely and went out to the Top of the Hub restaurant.

It’s such a fun place to go! It’s at the top of the Prudential building, which is the tallest building in Boston. Everywhere you look in the restaurant, there are great views of the Boston skyline. It’s such a gorgeous sight, and it is included in the pictures on this post.

The food is also great! I had high quality steak, my first ever deviled eggs, and great cremè brûlée. It’s a great place. And it only cost 40 dollars! It made me very happy!

But the best piece of the night was the fellowship shared. We’re all Catholic, but there is real diversity in our group. None of us totally agree on everything, from sports to politics and everything in between. We all have different opinions and experiences. Yet we all care about each other. It’s very reassuring to have those sorts of friends. They make the experience of being in college so much better. And they give you the best stories and memories from college. For those reasons, they top my list tonight.





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