A conversion story told by the music of God

It’s Lent, and during Lent, Catholics are encouraged to give up a habit or common practice and replace it with times of prayer and fasting. I’m doing an interesting and so far very fruitful fast this Lent. I gave up listening to secular music. So for the forty days of Lent, I’m not listening to any music on my iPod that is not explicitly about God. And I’m also tuning out songs on the radio or background songs if I’m out in public and I hear music playing.

It’s such a hard fast! But there’s no need to complain. I made the choice to do it. And it has been fruitful. I’ve come to realize how beautiful it is to praise God and how much happier I am when my thoughts are centered on Him. I noticed this especially today when walking from lunch at the dining hall in West Campus to class in CGS. As I was walking, a song by the band Casting Crows came up on shuffle called “And Now My Lifesong Sings”. The lyrics for the song are in the link below.

The song is basically about the effects that God has when you let Him touch your life and care for you. It’s a beautiful message with special meaning to me. A year ago, I was very prideful in a lot of my relationships and dealings, especially in my relationship with God. And I suffered greatly from that. I almost lost my place at Boston University because of that.

This year I have tried to be more honest in my relationships and so far I’m doing a better job with that, especially with God. And I am much happier with myself, my time at school, my friends, and everything in my life. When “Lifesong” started playing, I got to thinking how blessed I am, how amazing my life is, and how utterly amazing God is. And I couldn’t get those thoughts out of my head for the whole day. And I don’t ever want those thoughts to leave my head.



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