The hope and joy of my friends

My relationship with my friends and the hope that those give me tops my list today. I have two different stories that illustrate the hope I have because of them, and the joy they bring.

First the hope. A few weeks ago, before going on retreat, I got to meet a guy named Josh. He is a guy from outside Boston who fell on hard times and went through the foster care system and now is unfortunately homeless. When I first met him, he had no real prospects for a job, had lost his id and was living literally under a bridge. I gave him some money and got to talking with him about what he wanted to do to get out of the mess he was in. I walked away from the first encounter happy for him and praying for him.

Today I saw him again, and got to talking with him about his situation. He is living at a friend’s house now, so he is not living under a bridge now. And he’s looking to get a construction job when it gets consistently nice outside! It made me so happy to see him and see that he was doing a lot better now. It gives me hope for his future. And hope for all people, that if he can keep positive in his situation, anyone and everyone can do well in their situation. If anyone reading this post is around the Prudential Center and sees him, please help him out with a meal or money or even just a hug or a prayer. He’s a good man. And he deserves and needs all the help he can get.

The second story is a story of joy from my BU friends. My dear friend Megan is celebrating her birthday in 2 days. When she got off work tonight, a large group of us went over to the restaurant she works at to surprise her, give her flowers and cupcakes and sing happy birthday to her. Megan makes literally everyone happy around her. We thought it would be a good idea to do a little something for her in return. We were right. I had no part in planning it. I was just along for the ride and happy I got to be a part of it.

I love the people I know. They all give me a lot of hope and joy. Regardless of their situations, they all have so much good in their lives. It makes it hard to complain about life. It’s so much fun having them all in my life, which is why they top my list of happiness tonight.20140322-232808.jpg


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