A night in the field.

It’s time for my finals! I’m on an unusual schedule, and have 3 finals this week. So I needed a break from studying! I play intramural sports at BU and love it. I captain a basketball team and play on a softball team. And both teams had a game tonight.

We got killed in the basketball game, and lost by 30 points. It was fun to get to play, but it hurts to lose. I also almost fouled out, and did not score a basket. I had a terrible game. So for those reasons, there is no picture of that game. It hurts too much.

I played in the softball game after that, and it went much better. I went 1-1 with a walk and a single, and no errors in the field. And we won the game 2-1. We had a few close calls where we almost lost, but we pulled the game out and won our first game of the season.

The pictures in the post are of our softball captain, Ben Castro, and the beautiful Bobby LeBlanc, the intern at the BUCC, and our best athlete. Ben played well in the field, and led us to victory. Bobby got a base hit on this swing. And was a big part in out win. He always makes our games a lot more fun and everyone loves Bobby! So for those reasons, these fine men grace my blog tonight.

Sports are fun and they teach us a lot. They teach us how to deal with a hard loss, how to keep positive, and how to tough it out to win. I had to do all of those in my games today. It was worth it. It was a lot if fun.



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