Definition of a boss: Wesley Oliver Woods

Gracing my blog tonight is the one, the only, the man, the myth, the legend- Wesley Woods! He is one of the missionaries with FOCUS at BU.

He is a tremendous friend for me at BU. He and I joke around about a lot, and our conversations are always fun. And he knows how to bring out a smile in everyone he encounters with his ability to poke fun at people, mostly himself and his glorious Fu Manchu.

The drawing in one picture here is a rendering of Wes’ likeness with a few of his most popular sayings. All of these sayings are accurate, even according to Wes.

The best part of knowing Wes is knowing his love of God. He is able to bring out a desire to know God better for everyone, and it is inspiring to know him. He’s helped me develop an appreciation for God and my relationship with Him in my time at BU this semester. And I’m certainly not the only person at BU who believes this. He has done this for so many people in our community. I believe that Wes could convert someone to Catholicism by telling that person just that he is Catholic, and he wouldn’t have to say another word about it. He’d demonstrate that Catholicism is powerful just in his happiness and energy. He tops my list tonight for those reasons.



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