Happy birthday Travis!

Today was a very good day for me. I had my last CGS exam, woke up early for Mass, get a little break before Capstone, and have some direction for the final paper I have for my writing class. All very good things! But there is one thing that tops these.

Today is my brother Travis’ birthday. He turned 24 years old today! I got a chance to call and talk to him today. I wished him a happy birthday and got to talking with him about school stuff for both of us. It turned into plotting a course for the vigilante paper that I’m writing, and general philosophy.

This is how most of our conversations go. We catch up, we discuss the goings on in our lives, and we jump right into the thoughts of our friends, the philosophers. As similar as we are, and as consistent as the format of our conversations are, we are different in some key ways. He is much smarter than me, and much more thoughtful. He was a classics major in college and is now in a Masters program for Greek and Latin. He knows his philosophers extremely well. I appreciate our differences and always learn something new when talking with him.

Today’s time talking with him is another in a long list of reminders about my relationship with my brother, and how grateful I am that he’s in my life.


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