Capstone and Politics

Today was a glorious day in Boston! The sun shone, a good breeze came through, and the temperature went over 50! That’s a huge milestone here. With all the beauties of the day, there also came a new beginning for my college career, Capstone begins!

Capstone is a big group project that we have in CGS, for which we have to write a 50 page paper on a topic of out choosing. Our topic:Why Boston should make it easier for bikes to be in the city, like how Amsterdam has. It’ll be an interesting topic and paper.

As out meeting closed down, I ended up having a political discussion with one of my teammates, Caroline. She is also a political science major and from CT. She knows her history and her political news. It is extremely impressive. And it lends itself to some fantastic discussions.

It made my day that I had that kind of a conversation! It was refreshing that I could have one with an intelligent person, and have us not come to blows. And the other people around us did not know much of what we were saying. It was a lot of fun to confuse people that way.

I’ll have many more conversations like that with her over Capstone. This is gonna be a good time.


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