Day 23- A day of Knightly growth.

I had a very good and introspective day. The biggest and most important piece of it was my adventure out to Quincy for a Knights of Columbus event. I went from being a 1st degree Knight to being a 3rd degree Knight in one afternoon! As expected, I was there for most of the afternoon, and spent the entire time with our Grand Knight, Sua. We spent the time before the ceremony wandering around Quincy and stopping at a diner for a little coffee(none for me though, I don’t drink coffee).

Throughout the whole time there, we were discussing the direction we want the Knights to take, what we want out of our schooling, and what we believe God has in store for us. It was very refreshing to spend that time with a friend I’ve not seen in a while, and to have those sorts of thoughtful conversations about the future and God’s design.

The pictures shown are one of the diner we stopped at, which was a small but really nice diner with good looking and smelling food, and a medal from the Knights. I am sworn to secrecy in the Knights, so I can’t tell you what happened in the ceremonies that were held, what we discussed there, or meaning attached to any of our symbols by the order.

What I can say is that I have been thinking more about my relationship with God because of my time with Sua and growth in the Knights. I took steps today to raise my rank in the Knights today. What does that mean for me in my life for the future? I have to work on that answer, but I’m so happy that I am at least thinking about it all now.



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