Childhood revisited

Tonight’s picture is of my glove. This specific glove is my Dad’s glove. I borrowed it for this year because it’s bigger than mine, which makes it easier to catch a softball. That can help us win games!

We had 2 softball games tonight and won them both. It was a lot of fun. After our games, when I got home, I sat and reminisced about the meaning of baseball for me. When I was a little kid, I played or watched baseball with my dad, friends, or neighbors most days when I was a kid. I loved the game, and everything about it. The sound of a thrown ball hitting my glove perfectly, the crack of the ball off the bat, the smell of freshly cut grass, and the design of the field. I still love baseball more than any sport.

I spent some time reminiscing this, and went up to a friend’s place to watch the end of the Dodgers-Padres opening night game, and I’m so excited for the Red Sox opening day tomorrow! For these reasons, my glove, well my Dad’s glove, tops the list of my happy things tonight.


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