Reagan and the Red Sox, Who’s the White House’s best dressed?

The Red Sox visited the White House today as the winner of the last World Series, in a tradition that has lasted for many decades. The pictures that top my list of happy things both come from the Red Sox twitter feed. The first one is of three Red Sox players sitting with the official portrait of President Ronald Reagan, of whom I am a big fan. The three players are guys I like, Will Middlebrooks, Johnny Gomes, and Dustin Pedroia. This picture is a mix of my favorite team and one of my favorite president! That does not need to be explained anymore. All of the players in the first picture are good ball players and I like them all, but this picture brings out my superficial side(Yes that exists), as all of their suits are different and I see good things in all of them and poor things in some of them. I would count Reagan for this suit analysis, but its a portrait of Reagan, not the man himself. Its only fair for this contest to be among people both still living and actually in attendance. 

Dustin’s jacket and pants color coordination is nice. I like the tan jacket and the black pants. Good combination. But the casual shoes take away from it, and the plaid shirt does not work well with the suit. And he has no tie. He’s at the White House, and he’s not wearing a tie. I’m not a supporter of President Obama, but he’s still the President! When you’re a guy visiting the White House, you wear a shirt and tie. Dustin gets downgraded a little for me. 

Johnny’s suit is beautiful. His blazer is the focal point and is truly memorable. It is an American flag blazer, half of it has the stripes and the other half has the stars. As an American, it is absolutely beautiful and I am a huge fan of the jacket. It is loud, but it works rather nicely. And it looks good with the white pants and the red socks. He is a walking American flag, and it is beautiful. He could have better shoes though. Oh well. 

Will Middlebrooks’ suit is immaculate. Its a nicely pressed 3 piece tan suit with a crisp white shirt, a gold and blue striped tie, and nice black shoes. It is a fantastic suit. It would be the best one on the team, if I had not found the second picture on my list. It is of David Ortiz swaggering near the Washington Monument. He knows how to rock a suit. A navy blue suit, with a white shirt, blue and white plaid tie, black shoes, and a sweet looking watch. I am a big fan of Ortiz and this only makes me like him more. Ortiz wins the best dressed contest. 

I enjoy looking around for good suits. It’s a good idea for guys to look for good suit ideas, mix it up a little and find a good looking suit for use. It helps make guys look put together, professional, confident, and respectable. This is an upside of following politics and sports, the men wear suits that look really good. I get lots of tips from watching those. For good suit tips, and making me happy to be American, and wanting an American flag blazer, these two pictures top my list. ImageImage

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