Springtime for Boston!

No this is not a veiled reference to the most famous song from The Producers. It actually feels like spring up here! The sun is shining, there’s a slight breeze, and the sky is a nice blue. It’s wonderful up here!

Spring is my favorite season. It’s a season of hope, promise, and joy. It’s all the things that Catholics preach that we find in Jesus. It’s a beautiful reminder of the beauty of the works of God. I enjoy it every time we get here!

Also the baseball season is now in full swing and the playoffs for hockey are coming soon! And my semester is ending soon! Which is exciting and gratifying yet a little surprising, as the end of this semester means I’m halfway done with college!

Well at least I get 2 more years to look at this image of the beautiful Boston skyline and pretty spring sky as a student here!


One thought on “Springtime for Boston!

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