Memories shown by a Musical

I’m home for a weekend. Two reasons I’m home. I have a job interview for a job over the summer which I might talk about tomorrow. But tonight’s post is about a walk down memory lane. When I was in high school I did musicals every year. It was a big part of my life when I was there. I went to see the production of Barnum, a show about how awesome the circus is. It’s a great show and was a lot of fun to see it.

It’s a reminder for me of all the great things i did on stage there, all the amazing stories we told there and all the great friendships I formed there. I found a big part of my identity there, as a story teller and an entertainer. That piece of my identity will never change.

I saw it with my friend Andrew and got to catch up with him after the show. We basically spent our time together either catching up about school or reminiscing about how great out shows were. I loved the reminiscing and the fun times we had putting the shows together. It makes me happy to look back on it all.



2 thoughts on “Memories shown by a Musical

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