A winning team. This is fun!

The picture tonight is our IM Softball team walking off Nickerson Field with another win on this season. Winning is a ton of fun. Winning a competition, proving that you’re good enough to do something is a great feeling. It makes you feel very accomplished.

Tonight was our 4th and final IM Softball game before the playoffs start. To win this game makes us a lock for the playoffs, and quite possibly makes us the #1 overall seed in the playoffs. The way we won today was gratifying too. We won a close game. It came down to the very last inning. Down by a run, I got on with a base hit. Next hitter hit it to short, and I moved to 2nd. There was a wild throw on the play, so I moved to 3rd. Connor, the smallest player on our team hit the ball to right field, and I came home to tie the game. The ball kept rolling out there and the runner behind me and Connor all came in to score. We won the game 7-5 on a 3 run walk off homer.

That’s a great feeling. Now I see why David Ortiz enjoys doing that so much. Walking off the field victoriously is seriously addicting. I hope our team keeps winning in the playoffs! Now to win in the classroom.


4 thoughts on “A winning team. This is fun!

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