Yes Mom, I’m still doing all my homework!

Now that I’ve got my sports stuff done, with both UConn basketball teams winning championships and the Red Sox getting their season underway, my focus is back to where it really ought be, on my studies! I didn’t stop doing my work or stop caring about it all. My focus has been waning a bit, admittedly, but with the semester starting to end, I need to get my focus back on my school work so I can end the semester well!

I have two big papers due in the next few weeks, which is where all my focus will be. I had to go into Mugar Library to do some research and found some very good books on both paper topics. One topic is the philosophical developments and applications of vigilantism in American History. The picture for my post tonight is a book for that paper. It’s by Lawrence Friedman, and called Crime and Punishment in American History. It’s a very enjoyable book on it’s own merits as a history, and is a useful book for the paper. I have at least 4 other books to use for this project, and several articles for it. It’s coming along rather nicely!

The other project is my group Capstone on how Boston ought become more bike friendly, and I have been looking at a lot of maps of roads and topography for this project. I love this sort of stuff! Maps are truly interesting to me, and there is much to be learned from them. And I can help our project the best this way.

So I’ve got more to do, but yes Mom(and Dad) I’m still working on my school work! And I’m still getting my projects done!


4 thoughts on “Yes Mom, I’m still doing all my homework!

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