Cleaned by Confession

I did a lot of cleaning today. For one, it was laundry day and it was desperately needed! I now have clean clothes probably for the rest of the semester. That’s a pretty sweet feeling.

But the more important cleaning came when I went to Confession at St. Francis Chapel today. Confession is my favorite of the sacraments after the Eucharist. It is the real cleansing of your soul. All that is required of you is to be Catholic, go to a priest, and admit that you messed up and how you messed up. It’s a simple, powerful, difficult, and beautiful sacrament. Every time I go to and walk out of confession, I feel so clean and relaxed after that I can’t help but be joyful!

The picture comes from Catholic Memes, my favorite memes page. Here’s the link to more of them if you want to see more of how us Catholics think. :// It is of Pope Francis going to confession himself. It’s a good reminder that we ALL need grace and God’s love. As we draw near to Holy Week, I would urge us all to go to Confession if you are Catholic, and just in general to get your life in order and get ourselves back to God!

I am clean after today, and I hope that so many more people will get that sort of grace.


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