Happy Holy Week!

The picture up tonight is my attempts at making palm crosses out of the palms I got from Mass today. I did not do a great job, admittedly, but not terrible!

I enjoy Palm Sunday. I have this grand vision of Jesus entering Jerusalem to the palms and welcome of many. That vision makes the events of the rest of Holy Week shocking. But the vision I have of Palm Sunday is one fit for a king, the one true King over all people. That is how I believe we ought welcome God into out lives.

The palm is also emblematic of my fellowship with my Catholic, and all Christian brothers and sisters during this week. After Mass I went up to Lunch with my friends, and two priests who had celebrated Mass with us joined. For those of you who have never sat down and had a meal with a priest, I highly recommend it. They have great stories to share and they have a serious sense of humor! They’re so much fun to listen to and be around!

Looking at the palm crosses remind me how precious the faith and fellowship within it are. I’m sure the rest of Holy Week will bring me other lessons. We shall see where this week takes me!


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