Power Naps, A Gift from God which proves that He loves us.

The picture tonight is one I got found of a kid taking a nap. Its a reminder that I need to take more of those! Otherwise I’ll be turning down a gift from God, and a great way to stay fresh. Image

I’ve not been sleeping well the last few days. So when I got home tonight I was completely out of it. I tried getting some work done, but to no avail. So I went downstairs to my floor, put my stuff down to the side, laid down on the bench outside my room, and took a good 2 hour nap! It was well needed and very refreshing! 

I have a bad habit of going a long time without any break or rest, and then crashing. And today is one of those days. I’m just happy that I had a chance to get some rest before returning to work. I’ll need to take better care of myself as the semester comes to its end and to its most busy. Which means plenty of good naps and enough rest to get me through. I can do it!

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