Singing in the Rain

My favorite Musical movie, by far, Singing in the Rain. But that is not what this post is about. Today was a rainy and windy day in Boston. At times it was annoying and a torrential downpour in the city! And yet I still think it was beautiful.

It’s certainly not a lot of fun to be soaking wet. At times it’s downright uncomfortable. But it’s just uncomfortable, not painful. I can manage.

Rain is also very symbolic in a few ways. It can be seen as a sign of sadness, as the sky is crying in some respects. And it was appropriate for some tears today. One year ago today, Boston was attacked during the Boston Marathon, by the Tsarnaev brothers. People lost their lives, limbs, peace, and safety. It was a real tragedy. Now on a day of remembrance of that tragedy, it was expected for there to be tears shed.

But rain is not inherently sad. There is another meaning to rain, and I love this one. It is cleansing and restores life. Boston had come alive since the attack. And today, the BU Catholic Center hosted an evening confession service. I went to that service and received confession. After I said my penance, I felt my head and eyes clear, and it was as if I was being washed clean. I then walked outside into the rain, and walked home smiling and happy, enjoying the sound and feel of the rain. I walked home singing a few Hillsong United songs, and felt like dancing in the rain, in the spirit of Gene Kelly. I’ve never felt so clean in my life. I enjoyed today’s rain.


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