He is Alive! He is The True Lord!

Hallelujah!! Sing Praise to God! Sound the Trumpet! Ring the Gong! Get your family awake and tell them the good news! Jesus Christ is raised from the dead! Jesus Christ is alive!

We celebrated the Easter Vigil tonight in Marsh Chapel. It ran for over two hours. It’s both the longest Mass of the year and the most beautiful and complete Mass one can ever attend. There were people being baptized and confirmed, candles, glorious songs filling the chapel, and beautiful prayers from all involved.

Needless to say, I am running on a Jesus high right now and it is beautiful. There is no better feeling than Lent coming to an end. Partly because Lenten observances are over. That means I can use YouTube and drink soda again. This is sweet!

The more serious and important consolation is knowing that Jesus came back from the dead to give us the greatest gift and freedom, eternity with Him. Everything that happened at the Vigil Mass is a clear reminder of that. Everyone I saw walked out of the Church with bright, beautiful smiles on their faces and with a bounce in their step that no one can get without having a close encounter with God.

That happiness and buzz carried over to the after party across the street in our friend’s apartment. It was a gathering for us to break our Lenten observances and enjoy the Jesus high together. And it served both purposes. I saw God in all of my friends in a way I’ve never seen before. It was awe inspiring and has me smiling brightly as I write my post. Happy Easter all!





2 thoughts on “He is Alive! He is The True Lord!

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