This was a perfect day. Jesus, Red Sox, Food, Fellowship

Today was absolutely perfect. I got everything I could ever want!

It started bright and early, as the Knights of Columbus chapter at BU hosted an Easter brunch for the BUCC community. We cooked a huge feast of ham, fruits, bread, string beans, roasted and mashed potatoes, milk, eggs, juices, and various deserts. It was quite a feast. And we had enough food left over that we didn’t prepare to make a good donation to a charity, probably St. Anthony’s Shrine or a similar place. When I actually got to eat, I sat with my friend and future roomie, Frank! And got to catch up with him and talk about how awesome Holy Week was! I got good food, community, and service out of one event! Por que no las tres?

I went to and sang at Mass today. That was a beautiful Mass. Marsh was packed and Jesus filled the room completely. It was glorious.

Following Mass, brunch, and cleaning up brunch, I went back to my place, hung out with a friend, then took a really nice and much needed power nap. I’ve not been sleeping well the last few days, so any time I can get to rest a bit is greatly appreciated.

I woke up feeling rested. I had the radio on and listened to the end of the Bruin’s playoff game, which they won. I woke up happy, got my stuff together and went to my favorite place in the world, Fenway Park. I grew up loving baseball and the Red Sox. It’s fitting that I go to a school right down the street from Fenway. Despite my proximity, I still get giddy and excited when I go to a Sox game. Fenway is a glorious sight. The freshly cut outfield grass, the crisp painted foul lines, the smell of hot dogs, soda, beer, and peanuts, and all the sounds and stories to be heard and enjoyed bring me a great deal of joy. I can’t help but smile when I enter that special place. And I can’t help but scream my lungs out during the game. I won’t be able to speak much tomorrow, but it was worth it! I got to enjoy a great game with some amazing friends. It was the perfect end to a perfect day.

The pictures are of Chef Denis Nakkeeran, me and Frank, Fenway Park, and me with my friends at Fenway.






8 thoughts on “This was a perfect day. Jesus, Red Sox, Food, Fellowship

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