Time to campaign!

It’s election season! For the BUCC community that is. I was nominated to serve as the Archivist for the Pastoral Board of the BU Catholic Center for next year and I delivered my speech tonight following Spirit Night Live at the CC. My speech was about how much good the CC had done for me and how I would to repay the favor by serving as the Archivist, by telling the story of the CC.

I’m running against Casey Flynn for the Archivist position. The Archivist is the main recorder of the Catholic Center legacy, and serves on the Social Committee, which I presently serve on now. In many ways, the Archivist is the official storyteller of the BUCC, and people who know me know I love storytelling!

I like Casey, she’s my friend, but I respectfully believe that I am more qualified for the position. If I didn’t, I wouldn’t be running. I do believe that Casey would do a good job, but I will still try to win the race!

When I’m in a race like this, the tactical political mind starts turning and starts working. I get to use my political skill set for once! Now I just have to use it well and honorably. And I intend to do just that. Good luck Casey, and all involved in election races! Oh, and my schools are CGS and CAS, not COM. Just to point something out.

I’m Chris Lynch and I approve this post.


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