Federalism: Happy Days are here again!

This is the first time I’ve done political posts on consecutive days with this blog. But today it is necessary, because it is a fascinating story! Two days ago, the Supreme Court ruled on a case in Michigan regarding that state’s ban on Affirmative Action. It ruled that the ban, which had been passed by a proper referendum, was reasonable and could not be overturned by the court.

In recent days, much of the discussion has centered around whether or not the ban itself was just. The scathing dissent by Justice Sotomayor was all about how the ban was unjust and unreasonable. And most of the stories I’ve read are all about the debate over Affirmative Action.

I personally do not agree with Affirmative Action, and I do not believe that it is truly fair. I believe in a meritocracy, or at least as close as we can come to it, and I believe that Affirmative Action will not help us get there.

The decision on Affirmative Action is not the piece of the decision that actually makes me happy. The part of the decision that makes me happy is not being talked about and it’s not surprising that it’s not being discussed. The ruling was effectively that it’s not just to overturn a ban voted on in a proper referendum by the people of a given state, town, or county. The precedent that sets is that a referendum will stand, period.

As discussed by people like Jay Severin on TheBlaze and legal professor Alan Dershowitz, this is the first time a decision like that has come down in a long time, where Federalism has been promoted instead of torn down and opposed.

This is what I’m happy about. Federalism made a serious comeback in this decision. It was a beautiful victory for individual freedom, liberty, and personal responsibility to make your opinion heard in the political world. This will have a big effect on the midterm election this fall, with people taking up more referendums in their home states. And yes, there are college students like me who exist! It’s a miracle!

I’m also intentionally using “Happy Days are Here Again” because that song is a liberal theme, and I’m using it against them now. Just showing my inner troll.


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