Sibling Bonding and Debate

The picture today is one from 2008 of my brother and I when we visited Ireland on a family vacation. I’ve gotten older and more mature since this picture was taken. I used to fight and jaw with my brother almost everyday. We drove our parents crazy doing that. I’m happy to say I fight with my brother much less now. We’ve become better friends and respect each other more

I got to actually talk to my brother today. I called home to update my mom on how I’m doing with my last two papers and scheduling for the end of the semester. After that, I called my brother. He’s a graduate student at the University of Vermont studying Greek and Latin, trying to become a classics professor. This was the first time in a few weeks that I’ve talked with him, so we talked for a while. By a while I mean almost 2 hours.

Our conversation ranged from planning my vigilantism paper, to our thoughts and qualms with the practice of asking the Saints for intercessions, to our experiences in our respective school’s Catholic communities, to the current standing of the Red Sox. We even talked about funny YouTube videos that we’d like to watch. We have lots of interests and thoughts on most things in the world around us. There’s interesting stuff to look at and learn about! It’s fun to consider it all, especially with a person who’s I respect and to a certain extent, envy.

I always wish I were as smart as my brother. I believe he is smarter than me, a better writer, and a more complete thinker than I am. While I do wish I had the skills of my brother, listening to him taught me a lesson, that we have exactly the same background, as we have the same family, but we have some different takes on important topics, and it is a good thing that we have different skills. Our conversations would be tremendously boring if we had the same skill set and thoughts on political and faith issues. It’s a reminder that diversity of thought can exist between siblings and a reminder that diversity of thought and skills are most important kinds possible.

I look forward to seeing my brother soon, as our semesters are coming to an end!


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