Weekend Projects: Real Manly Stuff!

I’m a founding member of the BU Knights of Columbus. We have a beautiful charter from the Supreme Knights Council that shows all the founding members of our circle. We’ve had it for a while but we didn’t get it hung until today.

This afternoon, before holding a beautiful Polish feast to honor the Canonization of Pope John Paul II and Pope John XXIII, Wes Woods and I got to work on the charter. We put white backing on it, put the frame back together, and hung it. I realized in this process that hanging a thing like that is not easy. It takes a good deal of patience to get it level and secure. You need to find the right part of the wall to ensure that the nails won’t fall out. And the wire to hang it has to be tightly knotted to keep it sturdy.

This project took us about an hour in total to do. It looks nice now! It decorates the 1st floor of our building. It’s a sign that the Knights are a serious organization and we can be a real part of the Catholic community here.

The other good piece of the deal for me is that I got to do a weekend project! My dad does a lot of those sorts of projects at our home. Raking leaves, going on the roof, setting up the fountain, setting up a bench outside, or anything similar. He has me help on some projects because I can help, and I enjoy it! It’s so fun doing hands on projects like that. It’s something you can look at with some pride. You can say “I did that”. It helps the people around me, and I get the satisfaction of completing a good task.



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