I agree with Keith Olbermann? Wait what?

Relax, I have not become, not will I become a modern American liberal. I do not like Olbermann most of the time. I believe that he is a pompous and arrogant guy, and I disagree with his political views.

And also, I’ve not suddenly become a New York sports fan. Olbermann is a native of and devoted fan of the winning slate of New York sports. Which means Yankees, Rangers, Giants and Knicks, as opposed to the Mets, Nets, Jets, and Islanders. I’m still a Boston Sports fan.

I do agree with Olbermann on something though. I found a clip of his new show on ESPN where he discusses the problems of the selfie in sports today. He proposes that the need of fans to take selfies, to the point where people have run onto the field just to take selfies, is a danger to America.


Let that sink in. A conservative Boston sports fan is agreeing with Keith Olbermann on something. There is hope for compromise in this nation! I believe that the selfie is a problem, an annoying practice, and a waste of time! Why would we take pictures of ourselves, when we can take pictures of the game going on? And why would people run onto the field to put themselves in the way of physical harm for the purpose of taking a selfie? We’ve gone too far and need to resort to serious means of rooting this out.

Watch the video and see of you can see tinges of my thoughts in Olbermann.

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