I love my God, as He loves all people.

I’m proud of being a Catholic. I love my church, the friendships I have within it, and everything that comes with those friendships. Most of all, I love the relationship I have with God, with Jesus and all the good that relationship has done for me. Yes my Protestant friends, Catholics believe in developing a relationship with God.

I was reminded in this when I saw a video posted by the chaplain at BU regarding the Church’s stance on homosexuality. For the record, I’m not gay. I’m a straight guy. But I still get questions on the Church’s stance on gay marriage because I’m a proud Catholic.

Watch the video to learn about the Church’s stance on it all.


15 thoughts on “I love my God, as He loves all people.

  1. I didn’t watch it all, but it seems to be saying that Catholics accept gays as long as they are celibate. This is, I suppose, slightly better than rejecting gays even if they are celibate, but it is simply not good enough.

    • Why? Please watch the rest of it before casting any aspersions on people here. Straight people are called to be chaste as well. This isn’t what the church says just for gays, we ask this of straight people who aren’t married, like myself, as well.

      • Like what? The existence of God? The love of Jesus? The need of a family or the need to work with your desires so they don’t consume you? What is a lie in the catechism?

      • All that crap about gay people. Have you read it? What is the difference between “objective disorder” and “intrinsic disorder” exactly? Long words to say vile things.

        The existence of God is not a lie, but if you twist him to distort like that it might as well be.

      • The act is intrinsically, or in it’s very nature, wrong. The desire is not. But news flash, ALL people sin in one way or another. ALL people do some wrong at some point in our lives. We say that a sinful act is always sinful, regardless of the person committing the act or the desire behind it. We don’t believe that gay people sin anymore than straight people. And also, do humans have to find meaning in their sexual identity above all else?

      • Only when it is repressed. When we realise it is of God, rather than sinful as we have been lied to, we proclaim it as our Identity, as a way of warding off the lies.

      • I did. The Catholic side A is on full display there. I’m sorry you were hurt by us somehow. But we’re not a lying or hateful group. Our side A is a lifetime of love, respect and honor for all people. You’re sure to be in my prayers.

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