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Preparation for Callbacks! Break a Leg!

I have my callbacks tomorrow for the West Hartford SAF production of On The Town. I’ve been preparing for them most of the day, and I’m ready for them! Wish me a broken leg! (It’s an expression in theatre, for those of you who don’t know)



Spelling bee: Hey! That’s my brother’s professor!

The Scripps National Spelling Bee was held today in Washington DC. It’s a great competition to watch, and a great reminder of how little I know about my language. Congratulations to the co-champions of the event, Ansun Sojoe, and Sriram Hathwar. You two already know more words and more about the English language than most of us will in our whole lives!

The highlight of the event is seeing one if my brother’s graduate school professors there. Dr. Bailly, the emcee of the event, is one of my brother’s professors in his Greek and Latin grad school program at the University of Vermont. And apparently, he is as monotonous in real life as he sounds in the bee.

It’s just cool seeing those connections, seeing people who work with a member of my family.


High school memories. The good ones on the band trip I mean.

I enjoyed my time in high school. That’s a weird thought for some people to hear, but I genuinely did. I met a lot of good people, made some great friends, and learned some invaluable lessons that still serve me today. I went back to my old school, Northwest Catholic High School, today to see some of my former teachers, and drop off a trombone and a guitar that I wasn’t using and the music department could use more than I could.

I was very involved in the music department when I was there. I sang for four years and I had great friends in the bands. I got to reminiscing about the time I spent there, and enjoyed the memories I have of the place, especially singing in the choir.

This is a video of my favorite song we did when I was there. It’s from my sophomore year at a music competition in Boston. I’m the second guy from the right and I had a few solo lines in the song. We won the music competition’s Festival Sweepstakes that year. Good memory.



Watch out world, I’m licensed to drive!

It took me longer than I really wanted, but I managed to finally get my drivers license!

I’m no longer completely dependent upon my parents, brother, friends, or Mother Nature for my means of transportation. I can use a car now, which makes my transit so much easier!

And my license picture didn’t come out that bad.


Father/Son time

My dad got home late last night, and I got to see him for the first time in almost a week. We promptly spent the entire day together.

Most of the time was spent out on the golf course at Wampanoag Country Club, where we got in a round of 18 holes. It was my first complete round of the season, and my first round with dad this year. It was a lot of fun. He’s a much better golfer than me, and he serves as a coach for me. He’s got a lot to teach. While I do have to tell him that I see something or ask him to tell me something in a different way, I do enjoy golfing with him.

We went home and had dinner. Then played a round of billiards and enjoyed one of our favorite television shows, 24. We love watching Jack Bauer do Jack Bauer things, like blow up buildings and fight for justice in a crazy world.

Whenever I get to enjoy all of these things with my dad, it’s a great day. I’m basically a mini me version of my dad, if you can see in the picture, and there’s so much to be learned in time around him.


Patriotic and Spiritual songs

I love my faith and my country. This is not some new revelation to anyone who knows anything about me. I especially love when the two are intertwined. I had that experience at Mass today. For Memorial Day weekend, my church uses more patriotic music that still carries a great faith message.

Two songs in particular are beautiful God and country songs. The 1st is the Battle Hymn of the Republic. This was the anthem sung by the Union forces in the Civil War. President Lincoln loved the song so much that he made it the song of choice for the army. It’s all about how God’s work is being done and that He reigns eternal. It’s a beautiful song. And it serves as a reminder that the United States is really a Christian nation. Sorry Atheists. It was founded on Judeo-Christian values.

The second song is America the Beautiful. It’s all about how blessed and glorious America is. It serves as a great reminder that we are blessed in this country. It’s a truly beautiful nation. It was blessed by God. It is truly special living here.

I hope that everyone has a very blessed Memorial Day and that we remember the lessons in both songs, which have their respective links below. God Bless America!


Time to get in shape!

I’ve been meaning to get in better shape for a while. Ever since high school, I’ve been trying to get a good workout plan going. I’ve had moments of success. In the summer following my senior year if high school, when I was working on Cape Cod, I went to the gym that was within walking distance of the house I was living in for the summer. It was a good deal of fun and I got into much better shape. And at several points throughout my time at BU, I’ve had runs where I use FitRec more frequently, but I’ve not gotten myself into a better routine for a regular workout.

I got to talking with a friend who is preparing herself for getting her blackbelt in taekwondo about figuring out a good workout plan. We came up with a good one for me to do, and today I got to put it into practice. I had a great workout, and have enjoyed it a lot! Now I just need to stick to this plan, and get to where I wanna go.

If anyone reading this has any tips for exercises for my exercise plan, I would greatly appreciate that!

P.S. There was not a great way for me to crop the picture here, and I wanted to use the condescending Wonka meme here.