Kevin Harlan, With no Regard for Human Life!

If you don’t get the reference in the title, in a 2008 playoff game between Cleveland and Boston, Kevin Harlan gave that call on a LeBron James dunk. “LeBron James, with NO REGARD for Human Life!!! Has given the Cavaliers their biggest lead tonight!” While it was against my team, it is the best call I’ve ever heard for any play in any sport. The passion is there, it’s a big game, the call describes the play itself and the crowd is on fire.

I’m thinking about this as a brief distraction from the work I have left, as the NBA playoffs are happening now.

Disclaimer: I can look at this play and be fine with it because my Celtics went on to win this series and win the championship that year. We were nice enough to give Cleveland that great a moment. The video clip of the play is below, in a montage of his other great calls. It’s #2 on the list. Enjoy!


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