Let’s have a picnic!

I had a sweet Saturday. I sold some books and got good money for them, enjoyed the Red Sox beating up on Oakland, and loved the Bruins comeback(or Montreal’s epic fail) in the 3rd period today.

The best part of the day was a picnic out on the esplanade. It was a bit overcast, so no sun. But it was nice and comfortable outside! It’s turning into summer again!

We all seemed to bring drinks to the picnic, including me, so we had to get some actual food real quick like. And we did. I brought Girl Scout cookies, which are loved by everyone. Someone else went to subway for sandwiches. Someone else had chicken from Cane’s. We ultimately had plenty of food, and we all enjoyed it.

After a while of eating, the guys started tossing a frisbee around. We played for a while until we got tired of that. We took a picture, then one of the guys grabbed a football and we started tossing it around. We threw it over the crowd, and didn’t hit anyone(thankfully). We started throwing the ball with some of the girls too. And we played a game of 500. To play that game, one person throws up a ball for everyone else to catch. Before the throw, the thrower calls out a number. If caught, the catcher gets that number of points. Once someone reaches 500 points, the thrower and catcher with 500 switch. And the game continues from there. That game was fun. The guys and girls got pretty close to equal time as throwers, stayed competitive throughout, boxed each other out as if we were going for rebounds, knocked each other down without hurting each other(and helping each other up) and all had a ton of fun with it.

The fellowship was great, good was fun, and games were tiring. I loved every second of it!




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