Family day at the ballpark!

No I do not now live in Fenway Park, though I might enjoy that. My parents were up for the day to enjoy company and see a Red Sox game.

It’s a time honored tradition and a favorite place to go for my family. My parents had some of their favorite dates at Fenway to see Roger Clemens, Dwight Evans, Marty Barrett, Jim Rice, and the team of the eighties play. They loved it there and still do. I’ve gone to Fenway frequently since I was a kid and have loved it every time. Dad and I had obligatory American father son days at Fenway, like in 2005 when we saw David Wells pitch 7 strong to shut down the feeble Detroit Tigers, or 2007 to see a playoff game(I dare you to say playoffs in Jim Mora’s voice) against the Angels where Josh Beckett pitched a complete game shut out and with David Ortiz and Kevin Youkilis hitting home runs, the Sox won the first game of a playoff run that ended with a World Series championship.

Fenway is home. And the family was revisiting it today!

And yes the picture tonight is a selfie. My mom and dad forced me into it and I had no way out of it.


2 thoughts on “Family day at the ballpark!

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