ARK(Act of Random Kindness)

Yes this is an acronym I saw first in Evan Almighty. No I have not seen it recently. It only serves as a useful acronym for discussing a few random things that show me I’m having a positive impact on people.

There are two such things to share. Both are genuine, honest, caring, and completely unexpected and out of the blue. First is a post from a friends blog, in the link below.

As described in her post, we are very different people. But she’s always up for a good, honest discussion about virtually anything. These conversations normally last a while, and we had one today which pulled her away from her studies. Oops. Seeing her post made me appreciate our friendship more and thankful for my politics and history knowledge.

The second was when I got to discussing the year in review with the Grand Knight of the BU Knights of Columbus. We discussed the results of our work this year with the knights, our plans for the summer, and the way we’ve grown this year. He showed me how much I’ve grown and how thankful he was for our work together. He showed me how much I’ve done to help the knights and helped me understand why God put me here with these people.

Random little things like that can make me appreciate things I didn’t know I could do, like touch a person’s mind who normally disagrees with me. And I’m extremely self critical. I beat myself up a lot and seek perfection in virtually everything I do. I know I won’t find it, but I still seek it. Having the sorts of conversations I did today puts me in check and reminds me what I’m doing here. I needed a reminder of what I’ve done well and how I’ve improved. Thanks Katie! Thanks Sua!


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