Bro time with a boss!

Tonight was my 4th game at Fenway this season. I love the place, the Sox, and the game they play. But I’ve had enough of those posts this week.

Instead, the thing that made me happy for purposes of this post is who I went to the ballpark, Wes Woods and his mustache. He is the epitome of total awesome. His honest and kind approach to dealing with people is fun to watch, and he’s the kinda guy everyone would wanna be around.

This is the second game I’ve gone to with Wes. We went to the first playoff game last year, and sat in the same general area both times. We got into the game, danced with the music, sang with the songs, cheered with the crowd and applauded the team when things went well. We loved every second of it.

I’ve grown this year thanks to him. My faith has matured, my respect for people in general has grown, and my appreciation of the good in my life has multiplied since knowing him. I love every second I’m around him, especially when we go and do fun things, like go to Red Sox games.


3 thoughts on “Bro time with a boss!

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