Family night at the Symphony

I went home today from college. It’s great to be home, and to get to enjoy everything about home. My parents were nice enough to get tickets to the Hartford Symphony Orchestra. We went tonight and heard Brahms and Dvorak. Both excellent composers and great music.

Another great piece of the concert was seeing Edward Cumming conduct the concert. He was the director of the Symphony for ten years and was a fantastic conductor. On the last piece of the night, Mr. Cumming was in classic form. He was conducting the piece without the music in front of him and without a baton in his hand. He was energetic, on spot, and almost dancing as he was conducting. It was a performance like the one I saw so many times as a kid. And I loved every second.

Here’s a video clip of Cumming conducting. Enjoy! It’s not the HSO he’s conducting here, but it’s good music here.

I watched this when I was a kid very often. And loved every second of it. It’s a good reminder of the good things about being home.



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