The old family car!

This is my family’s 1997 Volkswagen Passat. My Dad drove this car for 7 years before he got a new car. He have it to my brother to drive in 2007 and he drove it for 6 years until he got a new car last year. And now it’s mine! Or, as my parents always remind me, I will be allowed to use this car once I have my drivers license.

I went out for a drive with my brother today when we went out to the store. And he told me I did a pretty good job with it! It’s good knowing my curmudgeonly brother, who is normally a harsh critic, thought I did a good job! It gives me some confidence in getting ready for my license test. And while the old Passat is in need of work, and eventual replacement, it’s a good feeling to know I can operate the family car. It’s a sort of right of passage, to get the old family car. And I’m close to earning it!


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