Yes, men can be domestic too

Since I’m home alone for a few days, I have to cook and clean the house myself. No problem! I managed to keep the house in pretty good order and I cooked for myself! Steak and pasta with tomato sauce, and a glass of milk, later a can of coke.

While I was cooking my dinner, I was Skyping with a female friend of mine who lives out in Chicago and is a domestic minded girl. She cleans her rooms at her house to fill her time. I talked with her as I cooked dinner, and at times, she watched and was entertained by the idea that a guy could be domestic. It was entertaining to show that a guy can cook well and can be domestic. I told her stories of my male friends from BU who are very domestic in their own right.

It’s interesting to think about the gender roles that we’ve created for our society, where we don’t expect guys to be able to cook and clean. While I’m not the best at either of those skills, I do have them. And I do enjoy showing them. I’m gonna have to show and refine those skills as I go along in life. I especially have some fun showing my female friends that I can cook. It sometimes throws them for a loop, and always makes them smile. I managed to show my domestic skills to a female friend, which managed to make her smile and show that guys can be domestic too! Not all of us are total brutes.

So I’ve got that going for me, which is nice.


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