First time on the course this season!

I’ve been golfing for years with my dad. It’s one of our favorite past times. There’s beautiful greenery everywhere, good fun in trying to make good shots, and great fun overall.

Today, however, was a bit different. It was the first time I went out golfing alone. It was a bit lonely on the course, but it was still so much fun. I played pretty well, and my head had fewer thoughts clouding it all. Golf is much more fun when played with a clear head. I still have to improve my shot. I have a slice shot that tends to go high and right. I had some good shots, but I do need to improve.

I took a cart, because I wanted to make sure I got in as much golf as possible. There were menacing clouds overhead, and I wanted to get a round of 9 in. Even though I played faster with a cart than I would have walking, I did not finish the round. I was just about to tee off on the 9th hole when there were big cracks of thunder and the horn was sounded calling everyone off the course. Since I was on a big open space, with several potential lightning rods in my bag and my hand, I didn’t play the last hole. I got off, got in, and enjoyed a dinner on the covered patio at Wampanoag Country Club. I would have enjoyed finishing the round, but it was still fun.

I’ll see if I can get out again soon!



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