Time to get in shape!

I’ve been meaning to get in better shape for a while. Ever since high school, I’ve been trying to get a good workout plan going. I’ve had moments of success. In the summer following my senior year if high school, when I was working on Cape Cod, I went to the gym that was within walking distance of the house I was living in for the summer. It was a good deal of fun and I got into much better shape. And at several points throughout my time at BU, I’ve had runs where I use FitRec more frequently, but I’ve not gotten myself into a better routine for a regular workout.

I got to talking with a friend who is preparing herself for getting her blackbelt in taekwondo about figuring out a good workout plan. We came up with a good one for me to do, and today I got to put it into practice. I had a great workout, and have enjoyed it a lot! Now I just need to stick to this plan, and get to where I wanna go.

If anyone reading this has any tips for exercises for my exercise plan, I would greatly appreciate that!

P.S. There was not a great way for me to crop the picture here, and I wanted to use the condescending Wonka meme here.


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