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Work: Exhausting but fun

I hold a job at the Village Gate Retirement Home on their kitchen staff. It’s not glamorous work, but it is work. I have some real fun doing the work there.

After getting off my shift today, I was absolutely exhausted! It was hard to keep myself awake so I could hold a conversation with my family.

While I’m very tired from the fast-paced work at Village Gate, I take a few good signs from it. First, I must have been productive because I’m so tired! Second, I got to promote the show I’m in to my coworkers and the residents we served. Third, I got to meet some fantastic residents. One who when she saw me immediately asked if I was Irish. I said yes and we got into a discussion on our respective heritages, which is something I enjoy discussions. The other favorite resident was a woman from Massachusetts who went to Boston University, my school! Not only did she go there, her grandfather founded the School of Music at BU! It was so cool getting to hear her story. It made the work a bit more fun knowing who I was serving.

I’ll have fun with this job!


Lessons learned from this challenge

This challenge has been very fruitful and successful for me! It’s been a blast sharing my thoughts and experiences that make me happy and make me smile on a daily basis. I have a few wrap up lessons and important developments from these 100 days. In no particular order, here are the 3 things I will most happily take away from this.

1. A new relationship.
I’ve started a more serious dating relationship with a friend from BU who did this challenge with me. She’s been a friend for a while before this challenge and the most recent school year. But we started talking about this during this challenge, and we became much closer friends over the year. Now we’re together! I’d ask for your prayers and your support here, for both of us.

2. Life is a beautiful ride.
I have a fantastic life. And I have come to realize how amazing it is after I put some real effort in to looking at it. Now that I see all the little things that make my life great, I have such a great appreciation for how beautiful a journey life is, even when it’s difficult. I’ll move forward much more optimistic and positive.

3. God is truly great.
I had a pretty good sense of faith in my life at the start of the challenge, and since then I have only gotten stronger there. I have seen the might and power that God has, and the way He can change your life if you let Him in.

I hope that the people reading this post will look back over my other posts and will see something beautiful here. Hopefully this will help you grow happier, more faithful, and more honest in your own lives!

To take a line from a good broadcaster I sometimes watch, I’ve done all the damage I can do here. Good night, and God bless!

Chris Lynch




Confession, right back where I started.

This is my second to last post on this blog. My 100 days are almost over! I’m gonna keep being happy after this, but I won’t be sharing them on this blog anymore. I’ll create a new one, and put a link for it in tomorrow’s post.

Tonight, I’m reflecting on my first post on this blog, about going to Confession. Well, I’m still a human being, and still an imperfect guy. I still sin. I’m working against it and have gotten better! But I still need, and will until I die, need help from God there. I went to Confession to start this challenge. I went again today at the tail end of this challenge.

Every time I go is powerful and meaningful for me. My sins are lifted off my shoulder and I’m the freest I’m ever going to be! It’s a big deal. And one I’m glad I recognize that I need. I wouldn’t be the guy I am without admitting that need, and I would have lost my soul a while ago.

I went to St Patrick’s and St Anthony’s church in Hartford, where a Franciscan was hearing confessions today. I love getting confession with a Franciscan! Not that the sacrament changes with any order of priests, it’s the same sacrament and does ultimately the same thing, which is more important than any guidance you get from the priest. But in my experience, Franciscan priests are phenomenal at giving guidance and challenging me to grow in my faith through the sacrament. And they ask questions about the sins and care truly about helping me through it all. I appreciate all that.

If you’re Catholic and not gone to Confession lately, go today!!! It’s one of the best things you can do with your life and it’s so powerful and needed in all of our lives.



Sports mash ups. These are funny and awesome.

I’m a big sports fan, and I love all the fun aspects of it. Like all the accidental humor that comes from it. Whenever there are funny things that happen, it seems that DJ Steve Porter creates a funny auto tuned mash up of the best sound bites. Enjoy listening to them! They are, in order:
One Clap, sound bites from Randy Moss
Press Hop, sound bites from Allen Iverson, Jim Mora, Dennis Green, and others
What time is it, sound bites from Ray Lewis
Johnny Hollywood, sound bites from and about Johnny Manziel
Jam City, sound bites from Dick Vitale on college basketball dunks
I will never Back Down, sound bites from Blake Griffen

The best bakery in the world, the one in my house!

My mom has fun baking. And when there is an event that she can bake for, she jumps at the chance and gets extremely creative with it. Tonight’s batch of cupcakes shows that. There’s a bake sale at my dad’s company tomorrow for the Greater Hartford Arts Council. My mom had some fun with it and came up with the display in the picture. And a bunch of other decorated cupcakes that I’m not showing here.

And I got to eat some left over cupcakes. So I had that going for me. Which is nice.


I’m happy about a political thing? Wait what?

Yes, I am actually happy about political happenings of the day.

The relevant piece for me is the Republican primary election in Virginia tonight. 12 year veteran of congress Eric Cantor, the House Majority Leader, faced a political rookie in economics professor Dave Brat. Brat ran a shoe string, grass roots campaign, and managed to unseat Cantor.

Everyone in DC is absolutely shocked by this, and people like me, who are unhappy with the leadership and establishment members of both parties, are absolutely THRILLED!!!! This puts them on notice to be warry of us, and shakes up the whole election in November. For once I’m happy with this, and I feel good about the up coming election in November!!!



24: Don’t mess with Jack Bauer

I’m not a big television person. The few things that I watch on TV are mostly sports, NCIS, old Law and Order reruns, and 24. 24 is my favorite show on TV now, by far. I’m so happy that it has made a return and that we get more Jack Bauer.

For those of you who don’t know the show, 24 is basically about Jack Bauer trying to beat up terrorists and bad guys in an attempt to do good for the city he happens to be in. It’s inspiring watching Bauer trying to do the right thing no matter what. And also, it’s fun watching him beat up terrorists and bad guys. It’s a beautiful show. With good commentary on the political situations of today, and on the way that American power is and should be used today.

But the ultimate lesson to be learned from the show is, do not mess with Jack Bauer. Otherwise, this will happen to you.


Needed Koji time. WE WIN!!

I’m a Red Sox fan. That’s an understatement, and everyone who knows me and is reading this is thinking, “No duh”.

But it’s been hard this season to be a fan of the sox. They’ve been struggling all season. And for much of the game tonight, I felt that we were gonna lose. Then David Ortiz reminded us why he’s Big Papi, crushing a 3 run homer to give the Sox a lead over the Detroit Tigers, the best team in the American League now.

And we have the ball to our best pitcher, Koji Uehara. He’s our closer, our lights out guy, and the guy all Red Sox fans love the most because he’s so happy to pitch. He’s 12 for 12 in save opportunities, has an ERA under 1, and has a ton of fun doing it. To show why he makes me happy, watch these videos of Koji. Watch and smile. Enjoy!


Come Holy Spirit! Come open my heart.

It’s the weekend of Pentecost. This is my favorite feast not named Christmas or Easter. It’s my favorite because it is all about the Holy Spirit, which is the most fascinating part of the Triduum because we don’t know as much about Him as we know about the other two. He takes different forms, appears in many different capacities, and works behind the scenes in all of our lives, in ways that the Father and the Son do not by their very nature.

I have this vision of him as the techie of the Trinity. He works relatively quietly, compared to the Father who created all things in the world and the Son who’s most powerful action is the most talked about and important event in salvation history. The Spirit works behind the scenes, but He works miracles.

He opens people’s hearts in a way unique to the Trinity. As with all of the members of the Trinity, we have to be willing to let Him in, and then once we do, miracles will happen. The Spirits miracles and influences are more clearly shown and easier to see, in my own experience at least, than the other Two members of the Trinity. If you let the Spirit in, you will be more bold, more secure in your faith, and ready to live it. So on this Pentecost weekend, if you have a hard decision to make, or someone you need to talk to, or a hard piece of your faith that’s been bugging you, or anything that needs a bold decision or action, let the Spirit in! He’ll do wonderful things for you, as He has done with me.

God bless you all.