Volunteering chance: Revisiting my Galilee.

After a long and frustrating day on the job hunt, I got to volunteer at Manna Community Meals, a soup kitchen in downtown Hartford that I volunteered at when I was in high school. Today was the first Monday of the month. On the first Monday of every month, a group of people from my old high school go to volunteer at Manna to prepare and serve a meal to 50-70 people. I went virtually every week for all four years I went to Northwest Catholic.

I loved every second of it. I learned to be thankful for all that I have, and to thank God every chance I got. I also learned the importance of hearing people’s stories. We didn’t just cook for and serve people, we sat with them, are with them, told them about our lives, and heard their stories. We heard everything from their job stories, to school tales, to the trials and tribulations that shaped them into the people they are now. I learned more about being a real working man of God there than I did in any class or other work or intern situation that I’ve ever experienced.

It’s my Galilee. And I saw why I learned so much there. A few young students currently at NWC were in our crowd. They worked hard with the rest of us, joked around, took advice, and sat with the people we served and listened to their stories. It was beautiful to watch them do what I did years ago.

Thank you God for this chance! I suggest that anyone who reads this post takes some time to look into volunteering somewhere. It’ll do you some real good.


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