What a great and interesting performance at the Symphony.

I took a night to relax with my mom and dad. We went to see the Hartford Symphony Orchestra perform. It was one of the best and most interesting performances I’ve ever been to. It was a blend of true classical music, like Mozart and Tchaikovsky, and modern symphonic music, like Mason Bates and Maurice Ravel’s Balero.

The first two pieces were classic pieces. Both were excellent. Mozart was a touch sleepy, but very beautiful. Tchaikovsky’s piece was a mixing of different facets of Italian music, which was absolutely beautiful. It was my favorite piece of the night.

The other two pieces were modern pieces. Mason Bate’s piece featured drumming on old car parts. I mean literal car parts, like a muffler, a suspension, and various other car parts. It also featured a slew of sound effects, synthesizer sounds and electronic music. Not a typical symphonic piece, but a very good one. The last piece, Ravel’s Balero was a slower and simpler ballet, but featured an excellent performance by the UConn Drum Line. Again, not a typical performance at a symphony, but very good.

Here’s a video of the UConn drum line. I looked for a video of the Bate piece but couldn’t really find a good one.

Enjoy this clip!


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